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Jon Queen: Finding Ways To Give The World What It Needs Without Damaging It

Jon Queen

Since 2006, Jon Queen has been working with many alternative energy sectors, investment banking and carbon training in the country of Ukraine. All throughout the years, he has taken part with different international relevant market transactions as well as equity debt. Also, he has taken part in carbon and energy transactions. Right now, he is working as the managing director of Jaspen Capital Partners limited and has provided quite a big contribution for the company. As he endlessly trying to find a way on how he can further help the company through its development in environment and energy through doing project development energy policy issues, carbon trading and project investment. One of probably the best contributions that he has ever done to the company is when he discovered how to extract energy and heat to the most unlikely of subjects. It is unlikely because of the sole reason that he has proven that one of the answers to poverty can be found in poultry.

He, together with his fellow professional has found out that if executed properly or correctly, chicken feces can actually be the source of heat and electricity. This groundbreaking innovative discovery can help the world with its everyday domestic needs. This will help poultry farm and warehouses owners as well as the whole world with their needs. This discovery, if implemented could open many doors for newer and better opportunities like being able to provide cheaper electricity bills and more. For third world countries, this could be of a very huge help for them as this will mean new job openings and a chance for poultry farmers to receive more income.

On a different note, Jon Mckee Queen DC field of specialization can be found both in corporate and regulatory issues that are focused along the ways to maximize returns from clients and risk management. He has been able to work with numerous clean energy execution projects in some parts of Eastern Europe and even Asia. His employment history is quite impressive as he worked for the Phoenix Capital LLC as a Director for the company’s branch in Kiev; he worked for the IETG or the International Environment Trading Group where he was hired as the Senior Vice President (SVP).